Own your look, tell your story, and let your image be the masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression

Vibhuti Tawde founded Elysian, which is a well-known name in the image consulting business. She brings a special and valuable perspective to the field of image consulting thanks to her diversified background in event management and entrepreneurship. Elysian has positioned itself as a company that specializes in providing tailored training in various crucial areas:

Business etiquette

providing instructions on appropriate conduct and professional behavior in the workplace.

Public Speaking

Assisting people in improving their presentation and communication abilities, whether for formal speaking engagements or casual conversations.

Dining Etiquette

Providing information on appropriate dining etiquette, which is crucial in the business and social worlds.

Protocol Training

Assisting clients in comprehending and abiding by the protocols and customs applicable to particular circumstances or industries.

Job Interviews

Preparing individuals to make the best possible impression during job interviews, an essential aspect of career development.

The dedication of Elysian to individualized training and its wide range of offerings emphasize how crucial it is to address the complex nature of image consulting. By improving people's overall appearance and presentation in a dynamic and changing world, Vibhuti Tawde and her business, Elysian, play a significant part in assisting people in achieving their personal and professional goals.

Empowering Individuals through
Image Consulting

In the dynamic world of image consulting, clients often face a myriad of challenges related to personal grooming, communication finesse, and the broader sphere of image enhancement.

Vibhuti Tawde embarked on her journey as an image consultant with the intention of bridging these gaps, propelled by a steadfast mission and a distinct vision. Her motivation was to impart the knowledge and skills she had learned through her own struggles in life to teenagers and young adults, providing them with critical insights into both the corporate world and the complexities of larger society.

Vibhuti is committed to offering the younger generation the fundamental tools they need to successfully navigate the complexities of life because she firmly believes that they are the foundation of our future. She accomplishes this by using Elysian's specialized training programs and her own experience to instill important values and life skills.

The exceptional leadership of Vibhuti Tawde at Elysian ensures that the next generation has access to the soft skills and knowledge they need and deserve. Elysian also provides a crucial platform for personal image development. Elysian offers services in a wide range of fields related to image consulting, including:

Corporate Training

Elysian focuses on corporate professionalism and etiquette, ensuring that individuals are well-equipped to handle the demands of the business world with poise

Personality Development

The organization works closely with clients to enhance their unique characteristics, assisting them in building a solid sense of self.

Techniques for Personal Transformation

Elysian is skilled in the field of personal transformation, providing advice on everything from grooming and fashion to confidence-boosting.

Customized Programs

Elysian creates programs that are specific to each person's requirements. The company is dedicated to tailoring its approach, whether it be through body type analysis, body language, communication skills, soft skills, public speaking, or presentation skills.